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Life on Mars?

I've just realised another one of my friends is a headcase. It seems she enjoys flipping between liking and hating her on-and-off boyfriend. Usually, there's not even a reason for the flip.
It's been a bad year for me in regards to encountering headcases. I don't really care if the person on the other side of the conversation is brutal if they're at least being honest. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to happen. Instead I get to hear lies, false accusations, an alternate take on events that seem to remove certain facts, and flip-flopping on any topic.
There's nothing that's happened in the past week to me that has caused this rant. Just seeing my friend acting like this pisses me off.
To all of you that have taken to this way of dealing with relationships, I hope it bites back hard.
Glad to see it already is to some of you.
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